Cloth Diaper Week at Little BGBC

What cloth-diapering mama doesn't love Cloth Diaper events? Little BGCG Reviews has a cloth diaper week coming up that, if you're a cloth-diapering mama like me, want to check out. Check out her blog and read more about it here.

Thirsties Thursday Giveaway #9

I recently discovered that one of the well-known cloth-diaper makers, Thirsties, hosts their own giveaways every Thursday on their website. This week is giveaway #9 for TWO Thirsties Duo Diapers. I currently do not own any of these diapers but since they are adjustable and "easy to use", it certainly grabbed my interest. I imagine the fit would be similar to the Duo Wraps I own, which definitely are easy to use, just with the added benefit of being able to stuff it as much or as little as I want. Another thing I love about Thirsties is their duo system, so that it's not as pricey as sized diapers are, yet you don't have to sacrifice too much on fit like you would with one-sized diapers. Definitely something worth checking out and learning more about. You can also enter the giveaway here.

Sweet Pea Totes Giveaway at Mama Days

There's been a "Handmade with Heart" event going on over at Mama Days, where all the giveaway prizes have been handmade items from Etsy sellers. I heart Etsy and love how talented and creative the shop owners are! There's one giveaway in particular I've got my eye on - the Sweet Pea Totes Giveaway. These little totes are so cute and would be perfect for a quick run out or for a romantic little date night with the hubby. It would be a nice break from always lugging around a diaper bag, toys, etc and to just have a cute little tote for me!

There are 14 ways to enter, one of them being mandatory, so there are many chances to win. This giveaway ends TODAY though so hurry on over to Mama Days and check out this and all of her other giveaways.