Thirsties Cloth Diaper Review and Giveaway at Mama Days

Mama Days is having a giveaway for a Thirsties Duo Wrap and a hemp prefold!

I tried a Thirsties cover on  little m during our experiment-to-own program (another name for those try-before-you-buy programs) when I was first looking into cloth diapering and I *loved* the way they fit little m. The snaps were a breeze and the leg gussets were f.a.b.u.l.o.u.s! As I mentioned, this was when I was first looking into cloth diapering so I didn't get why moms would go through the trouble of prefolds when you could get an all-in-one or pocket. And just like Miss Emmy Lou, I became a pocket girl. {I did make a note-to-self though that should I ever get a cover, I would go for Thirsties.} Now, as I'm getting the hang of CDing, I'm starting to see why a variety in your stash is helpful: different situations + different sized kids + variety = win win win.

If you read reviews for all the different Thirsties products, you'll see they get great reviews. Even today, there was a guest post on KellyWels blog about how impressive Thirsties diapers are. There's a reason so many moms rave about it!

Now that I'm trying to add some variety to my stash, I've jumped in and entered Miss Emmy Lou's giveaway. For your chance to win, visit Mama Days.

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